Dr. Ahmed Hamid Mohamed 

Sudan university of science and technology one of the great universities around the globe, and its offer programs and tracks to society needs, which is kind of collaboration on development and creativity solutions for national issues and problems. Distance learning collage one of these innovations that made to support higher education goals, which was started in the beginning of nineteenth century. And we are in the Third Millennium which is our second revolution of higher education that used to make solutions for traditional learning problems in the time of explosion that telecommunications and technological information has make for higher education as general and public education specifically and all other aspects. This collage make so far step to prepare education opportunities for different variant society classes everywhere every time by putting strategies plans and good programs which enroll telecommunication and information technology inside education progress and make it base and tool to raising both learning and teaching and motivate creativity uniqueness and increase knowledge for all students studying here. Collage of distance learning also rummages to present high quality Systemic education and provide opportunities to release time and place constraints, and allow student to enjoy with a lot of educational opportunities. By using advance educational media to achieve education democracy. It is also trying to make opportunities for ambitious people and help them to develop their skills depending on advance theoretically, practically methodologies, and use best means of technologies by qualified, specified, trained staff, which agreed with learning for everyone all life.