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Kick off New Electronic System
Sudan university of science and technology deanship of distance learning sends its congratulations to its students on the occasion of the end of examinations and we ask Allah to give you all the best, we are so happy to tell you that our new electronic system had finished which will help all of you to get all subjects material from it which including E-books from any where at any time, above all every student can keep track of his financial situation and get his or her results, so we ask you all to harry on give required information (email – cell phone number) to Academic affairs department to get all system benefits
Ramadan Mubarak
Happy Ramadan and may Allah bless you all, Mr.Azhri abd-Elraheem send his congrats to all staff, students and Muslim nations on this worship month and may Allah open our doors to grant everything of goodness, accept all our good deeds, and bless all of us with forgiveness.
Begining of Revisions Program
Deanship of Distance Learning at Sudan University of Science and Technology announces for students of Advance classes in Second, Third and Forth year start of revisions program for all subjects From Sunday 7-6-2015 and continues until 25-6-2015 and all students ought to complete their registration process to take advantage of revisions.
Final Examination 2013 - 2014
The Examination Department at the Deanship of Distance Education has published the final examination results for the following colleges: College of Education,College of languages and College of Communication as well as some results from the college of Business Studies. The Time_Table for supplimentry exams will be published soon.
Conclusion of the Activities of the International Conference on Distance Education
Speaking to the attendees in the conclusion of the International Conference on Distance Learning organized by Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), HE Mr. Jihad al-Hamza, Minister of State for Trade emphasized the close attention given by the Government to Distance Education as being one of learning types that provides educational opportunities for less favored groups who were not able to continue their education. “This type of learning will expand the platform of Universities Education,” he said, adding that Government will adopt the Conference recommendations. He also expressed the appreciation of the Government and People of Sudan to all scholars and delegations who participated in this unique conference, and extended deep thanks to SUST for the continuing valuable efforts it makes in this regard. HE Prof. Dr. Hashim Ali Salem, the Vice- Chancellor of SUST, highly appreciated the strong and meaningful participation of local and international experts and scholars in this conference, describing Distance Education as cost effective compared to traditional education which could deal with larger numbers of learners around the globe as it offers opportunities for students to obtain degrees through distance education from the comfort of their own homes, “ Thanks to modern technology that has made the dream of distance learning, a reality,” he said, adding that this easy and inexpensive type of education will no doubt bring progress and advancement to individuals and communities on equal basis, ascertaining that all the recommendations merged from the conference will be implemented and the following recommendations will be presented to HE the Vice President of the Republic for approval. The Deputy Dean of Distance Education in SUST, Dr, Sir El Khatim Abdelrahim, addressed the Conference saying that it came up with many recommendations, the most important one among them is the establishment of an Arab Organization to be responsible for Distance Education having its head office in SUST and to create a department for Distance Education at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.